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Because it is ruled by the sign Cancer and the Moon, it dictates what has shaped a person into who they are and what kind of parent you could be. Who and what appears when you close your eyes is the fourth house’s reality. It is your childhood, your environment, your ancestors and home. It is your greatest comfort and your greatest sadness. The sign in your fourth house shows how you get satisfaction emotionally and can speak to your relationship with your maternal figures because this house is ruled by the moon, which dictates motherhood . The fifth house is vital to a person’s livelihood. Ruled by Leo and the Sun, this house is responsible for entertainment, pleasure and love. In the natal chart, it speaks to how a person has fun, finds happiness and channels creativity; however, it also can reveal what a person obsesses over and how they view casual sex . The fifth house also gives insight into a person’s first-born child, so depending on an individual’s placement in the fifth house , synastry can reveal the gender and character of the person’s first-born. Virgo and Mercury rule the sixth house, representing your role in day-to-day life, simple tasks from hygiene to routine chores and responsibilities. In your natal chart, the sixth house can reveal things the universe knows about your general health and how you serve others.

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